Eat Chinese dishes, learn Chinese! Feel familiar with the language in our way.


Have dinner and learn Chinese! Our staff from China answers any of your questions regarding Chinese language.
Check out the info about this event on our Facebook and Weibo (Kind of Twitter in China used by 250 million people)
There are Japanese people who have learnt Chinese, and many people from China who would like to interact with Japanese friends.
All you can eat (including Peking Duck!) and drink, this is a nice opportunity to hear authentic Chinese in Japan.
Don’t worry if you are shy or come to join us alone! Let’s try to place an order, introduce yourself or ask questions about the dishes in Chinese to be confident in your ability.
Of course you are welcome to join us with your friend.

Please join us if you…

 ・want to have a chance to speak Chinese (You are leaning Chinese)
 ・want to get tips of how to learn Chinese
 ・want to make friends from China
 ・want to learn basic Chinese for a trip to China

  • We have made lots of friends here

    We have made lots of friends here

  • Taking pictures with traditional costume

    Taking pictures with traditional costume

From beginner to advanced, from teens to people in their 70’s. You are all welcomed!

Venue : Chinese cafe Eight Roppongi
Date & Time : Tuesday every other week (twice a month), 7pm~9:30pm
Fee : \3,000 (All you can eat and drink)

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